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Worst fears realized.

yesterday my sidecar packed back into its shipping crate was due to be collected from Buckshots/Shipping depot in Wendover. Now my contract stipulated a tail lift truck as i certainly had no way of getting it into the back of a standard truck.

Due to short notice of collection, i got up at 3.30am, left the hotel at 4am and drove 300 miles to Wendover from Idaho falls to be at Buckshots for 9am.

Being cynical i phoned the US agents to confirm tail lift, to get a response, "Hope so". Needless to say i chased my Uk agent, who my contact is with, and then saw email traffic saying it was sorted. * hours later no truck!!

Lots of polite but angry emails and texts later got me the reply that it would be Monday between 9 and 17.00 hours and that they knew mid morning, so i sat like a lemon for 9 hours for no purpose due to a lack of common courtesy. Depending on their response when back in the UK, i might name and shame, so others avoid this issue.

As you will see from the photo, it was just a shop, and nothing to do around it, as i darent not be there to see if off.

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