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125cc this time

You will probably have read elsewhere in the blog sections about my endeavours with the 70cc Aprilia in the 100cc British duration and distance records.
Well i never like to be idle, so i am currently building a bike to challenge the 125cc distance and duration records in 2020. 
The phot is as bought and it looks better than it was, the muppet that owned it before me decided to use an angle grinder to remove the main bearings and cut into the main body of the crank.
Needless to say, i now have 2 enginesa nd am pooling the best of both to make one good one!


Its got to be reliable

Rebuilding the engine was made easier by the fact that Rotax who made the engines for this Aprilia did a great job and it is all very well made.
I have now fitted a crank that isn't damaged, fitted new bearing throughout, and given the task of doing a tune to the barrel and cylinder head to my old Moped Mayhem mate Michael Abbey, who runs a tuning business, and is the absolute guru for fast 2 strokes, highly recommend his workmanship.
Am going to run a standard exhaust as this doesnt seem to be a limiting factor and upgrade to a 34mm PWK carburettor.
The aim is for a very reliable 30-32 bhp at the back wheel and just over the magic 100 mph top speed, but overall reliable for 12 hours thrashing!



More trouble at mill!

Needless to say the chassis was in no better shape, i have never stripped a monoshock bach end and found the bearings to be good.
So new needle bearing in every single link in the rear end, the rear shock was luckily an upgraded unit over standard and has just been cleaned up.
None of the bodywork was any good, a real mongrel of mixed up parts, so i am pressing inti life some GSXR stuff that i had in my garage and a CBR600 seat unit bought for £20, definitely doing this on the cheap.
Have resprayed the front wheel as it had peeling paint everywhere, and just wasnt good enough.
Photo is of bodywork with just the base red, it will also have the black and white of the GSXR headlamp fairing eventually



Great fun was had by all - check out the records in that section. 18 in all.


Date set!

Well we finally have a date to do the British 125cc long distance and duration records, back at the runway at Kendrew barracks. This gives us a 3.5 mile loop and using 2 of my mates Pat Bramman and Richard Scott we will do 2 hour stints each. The bike is road registered, so i will get a daylight MOT and run it in on the road for a few hundred miles

So it's the 14th of April


80cc Bike

This is a great place to add a tagline.

For some reason i seem to have lost a significant amount of info about the first British record setting bike.

Based around an Aprilia RS50 moped it was fitted with a 70cc big bore kit from 2FAST along with race ignition, massive porting work to the crankcases, bigger reed block from a Honda CR85, race pipe etc

In the end it achieved 22.bhp at 14,000rpm and using a GPS speedometer hit 87mph at the Kendrew runway. 

We trashed it relentlessly for 12 hours to set 18 British records for various time and distance intervals with just 26 minutes downtime to cover both fuel changes and rider changes. Happy, you bet!

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