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Let me introduce a very important partner in my expolits.

TRTeam 2FAST are a very small business in Italy, who have had for a number of years been very successful in scooter racing, making huge horsepower out of relatively small engines.

Recently, they turned their hand to geared small capacity bikes , the sort of bike Italians love most.

I wrote to them asking for both Technical support and sponsorship. Now as you know, all race teams get bothered to oblivion for sponsorship, but my letter fell on receptive ears, and Massimo the owner are offering discount on their products to support my efforts to break records. Theyhave also talked me through the whole tuning process and sent through many photos to ensure i complete the porting to the correct specification.

Their equipement is absolutely top notch from a quality point of view and a joy to work with.

They can be found here:


Sometimes you just hit lucky.
I called in on Langham Engineering to get a small engineering job done and we all got talking about racing sidecars and motorbikes in general, and that i was going testing with access to an old airfield.
One thing led to another and Alice who runs the Company, has a husband Dave who races a lovely classic BMW sidecar and needed to have a few set up runs, which i managed to organise.
This has led over the last 18 months or so, to Alice making all sorts of small and not so small modifications or one off machining jobs for me.
Without Her help i could not have done what i have, and she is an absolute superstar.


The genius of 2 stroke turbocharging



The benefit of the internet

It all started from a search for 2 stroke turbocharging, try it sometime, it really isn't very common. Most people say it cant be done due to the way the 2 stroke scavenging cycle works, but on Youtube, there was a video of a TZR125 being turbocharged and making good power.

So i contacted the company involved, Boost Busters and asked if they would consider helping me set a land speed record, with a turbocharged 100cc engine.

Luckily, Boost Busters are based in Stockholm, Sweden, so i arranged to go out and meet Lennarth, so he knew i was serious.

This meeting went well and we now have a Memorandum of Understanding in place , as the technology is quite clever and i am not about to share it in these pages, but Lennarth agreed to work for a discounted fee with agreed bhp targets.

Let’s Connect


Sidecar specialist, great engineers

Its a lonely pursuit, land speed record setting, and many people don't take you seriously.
I am pleased to say Paul Lumley isnt one of those fellows, he took an interest in what i was doing, and offered to help.
Now racing sidecars are one of my passions, having spent over 10 years racing them, and Paul builds some of the best, so when i needed a "Special" front end building, he was the "Go to" man.
he did such an awesome job of interpreting my drawings, pictures and poor description, and the reality in metal is a front end that steers and self-centres so well, i can steer one handed at 70 mph with no issues.
Great man, great engineer.

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