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Born in 1961, Married to Linda with 4 fantastic children and living in Whissendine Rutland for the last 20+ years.

More than a keen motorcyclist, i have taken part in various levels of motorcycle sport from Moped Mayhem racing with a Kawasaki AR50 and a Yamaha RXS100 engined sidecar, through various bikes in Enduro from a yamaha DT125, Italjet Scott 350 four stroke, and Husabergs with limited success.

Have spent many years racing Scooter sidecar in the 125cc class and actually won the sidecar class overall in 2001 using a TM kart engined sidecar in a wonderful handling Windle chassis.

Moving onto a Yamaha R6 engined Formula 2 bike for one season, it became obvious i was buying faster bikes and not improving lap times so chose to retire.

This brought about a move into car racing.

Always being a cheapskate i chose Citroen 2C racing, and what a hoot!

What with all cars within 5-10 miles per hour speed and 24 hour races for just our cars what could be better.

I even took my own car to Spa Francorchamp to race in the Belgium 24 hour race with 67 other 2CV's and finished second out of the British cars.

Also taking a class win in the Economy class in the UK race.

After retiring in 2016, i have chosen to focus my efforts on land speed racing of many different styles of bike and have made many great friends in the pursuit of this ambition.

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