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Its not a long story.

Since early childhood i have been fascinated by those men that challenge for land speed records such as Donald and Malcolm Campbell, John Cobb, Ab Jenkins, Burt Monroe, but my favourite image has always been that of Rollie Free back in 1948 wearing plimsols, budgie smugglers and a bathing hat hitting 150mph on a glorious Vincent HRD 1000cc motorcycle.

From those early images i have held a desire to walk in the footsteps of those giants and set my own World land speed record, not the absolute record, i am not that brave, but in a bike of my own construction.

I also have a fondness for small 2 stroke engines, as they are capable of huge power output per litre compared to big 4 stroke engines and are easier to work on, and to be truthful cheaper!

So i have started the journey, almost by accident with a vintage 100cc bike i had in the garage and am now well on the way to building and racing my own top of the tree 100cc turbocharged motorcycle streamliner. 

This website is about the journey to this goal, some of the records set on the way, and the trials and tribulations encountered on the way - without taking myself too seriously.

There are 3 main ambitions that i hold:

1. To beat the record set by NSU for 100cc turbocharged fuel streamliner in 1956 at 138.000 mph, one of the longest standing Bonneville records

2. Set the FIM world record for a 100cc motorcycle , held by Buddfab at 151 mph, set in 2007.

3. Become a member of the Bonneville 200mph club by beating the last remaining Burt Munro record for 1000cc Streamliner set in 1967 and standing at 183.586 mph.

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