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When its up its up, and when its down its down

Some things just take time to sort out, and i have been going round in circles trying to avoid using a locking pin to keep the stabilisers in the fully up and fully down position. The rules require a positive lock, and we have tried air blocking valves on the air cylinders, electric linear motors and various other things, to come full circle back to a locking pin.

The photo shows the mock up of how it will work, so the pin locks one of the guide rods and not the main air ram. The plate will be laser cut and extended to that the locking air cylinder is in the correct plane.

Then a mate will program and Arduino or Raspberry Pi to give a second delay, so the locking pin retracts before the main air ram moves, in both directions. will make sure i take plenty of spares as i cant program the damn things

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