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UK alternative and work starts

The UK land speed record scene is indebted to a gentleman called Trevor Duckworth, a man who himself is no stranger to setting records.

He has put together a week of record setting attempts next May at Elvington near York in the UK, with a 2 miles runway and records being set over 1.25 miles. He already has Guy Martin the ex-TT racer booked who wants to be the first to break 300mph in the UK and is very close.

I plan to take the streamliner there, as Trevor says i am more than welcome, and do 3 days of as many runs as i can, as this will test everything from lifting the skids to deploying the parachute to my ability to steer and its just 2 hours from home. Thanks Trevor.

Today i visited the bodyshop that is going to build the aluminium bodywork and they had prepared a test strip to show the curves of the sides and bottom and how tightly it would fit. I was really pleased with how they have understood my requirement as their day job is building bodywork for trucks and lorries. It wont be cheap but it will look bloody fantastic, can feel the enthusiasm flowing back

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