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The real McCoy

As i am now entering the final stages of this build, although to some i may seem a mile away, i have got a date for the construction of the real chassis by Paul Lumley Engineering, one of my sponsors, and this time he will be using lovely TIG welding and superb tight tolerances on the steel.

So i thought i needed to make the investment in the steel tubing, after all if it goes wrong this is the roll cage that should save by skin. So i have invested in the best steel i could afford and this happens to be ROPT510, a cold drawn seamless steel, so no welded join running along its length, the right chemistry inits make up, and the steel recommended for roll cage manufacture. Strong is its middle name!

In total i have ordered 50 metres, and 20 of that has gone for bending into a gentle arc od 1m radius that is chopped up to make the ribs of the chassis. Should be ready for collection next week.

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