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Still going at it

Updated: Feb 3, 2022

Hope you saw all the chassis build stuff on the main streamliner pages, felt it derserved more than just a blog entry.

Sometimes you have to recognise you don't have the skills or you can't learn the skills fast enough, so i'm contracting a welder to come every 2 weeks and add the brackets and modify radiators and stuff that needs neat welding or is aluminium or otherwise. using my Tig or Mig he is 10 times faster and 20 times neater and stronger and that's what counts. so progress is happening.

Im off to the States soon to collect my drag race suit and the 7 point harness. I will leave the suit with my mate in New Mexico as only vanity needs it in the UK to try on but i'll bring the belts back so i can refine the seat back and belt fixing points.

Then literally the day i land the chassis is in to a local coachbuilder to have a new aluminium body fitted, i decided my papier mache fibreglass monster with 15 kgs of filler wasn't good enough and the wife agreed i could open the wallet a little further and pay for a nice light body and in reality a more aerodynamic shape and probably a better cockpit/canopy fixing system , as that sort of thing is their day job.

Then later this month im off to sweden to see my mate Lars, who has the same engine set up but is 20% more powerful and that's before he refines fuel injection. Now he has ridiculously expensive Cristofilio billet crankcases, aftermarket ignition (although i will switch to ignitech later) and other trick stuff. In the back of my mind if i get to within 10 mph of the world record , i'll ask to borrow his engine and fly him out to Bonneville to look after it for me. Method in my madness!! Pictures from the USA trip will follow, still planning on being on the salt this year.

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