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Standing on its own feet

Well after a great trip to the US, the stormy British weather is making working in the garage seem very hostile, but the clock is ticking.

I have been working on the skids that will hold the bike upright at low speed both before a run and after a successful run. Debate rages about adding some damping as the salt away from the course is ungraded and rough, also many use a pivoting to soften the landing, whist i am relying on the profiled shoe to take the worst of the brunt. I am considering using a rubber sandwich between the 2 plates to act as a damper but will try at the runway as is. Setting ride height will be key as the pneumatics wont be able to pull the pins unless the guide rods are unloaded and the bike upright, so it will need to sit on one side before take off so both run clear when underway.

Its all trial and error but thats some of the fun.

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