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Stabilizer jacking system

The raising and lowering of the stabilizer skids/wheels is a real challenge, without over complicated levers, bearings, pneumatics or similar. Not being an engineer i was after a solution i understood and knew i could fix on the salt if it had an issue. So Mark 1, was a round tube with a piece of threaded stud welded to it. This sits inside a square tube with a washer and 19mm nut on the end. When the drill is activated the stud spins and winds the inner leg up or down, and quite space efficient. Obviously it wont be a drill powering it!!

Mark 2, after a few mugs of tea, will be a toothed rack and spur gear as its easier to drive up and down and off the shelf. Just need to solve the lock in both up and down position, without using servo motors or other complications.

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