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Good progress

Finally got a full day in the workshop on the streamliner and made good progress.

Fully fabricated and welded up the skids, and took time out to finesse the pneumatics and slides so they work much more reliably, and despite a blown fuse causing angst for a few minutes whilst i problem solved, i am happy the system is good to go. Only remaining issue is the small o-rings that seal the push in connectors to the air cylinder are perishing and allowing air to escape, so new better quality fittings need to be purchased.

Have wired up the water pump and fan cooling system, only to find a blown fuse in the water pump feed and that the fan blades kissed part of the mounting bracket making a hell of a din. Quick hacksaw and created clearance and the system now works as it should, marginally concerned at the current draw on the battery but we'll see.

Then i rebuilt the fuel lines with the fire proof protective sheath, i am using red for fuel and black for oil. The regulations don't require the oil lines to be done but seems sensible to add protection.

Welded on a bracket to mount the fuel pressure regulator and thats tidied the whole shooting match up.

The elephant in the room is still the securing of the removable canopy but thats the last bit of gristle to chew and think we have a solution. Need to keep it simple and not go all elaborate. Hopefully get a few minutes on Thursday to have a go.

I need permission from work to take the canopy in and the lexan screen material, so i can heat the sheet up to 170oC so i can mould it over the canopy. Last time i used the pork pie shops pizza oven but change of management rules that out.

Feel like i'm back in the groove, and that by December when i ship we will be ready.

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