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Not been idle

Apologies its been motnhs i know, but i havent been idle.

So Bonneville this year was yet another wet one. Several storms before the event meant that Tech was actually held in the car park of the airfield and was a good humoured but frustrating time. Racing did eventually start but with only 1 course, that was shortened and the surface was cutting up quite back, however that wasnt my big issue.

The damn bike just kept nipping up and seizing. Tried jetting it up, no change, tried jetting down , no change. Diferent piston, no change.

Finally i went back to the 2018 barrel and usd piston and got 1 good pass at just over 4mph faster than the existing record.

As an aside, i was annoyed with myself as i entered the gas class as the fuel class required a handlebar operating fuel cut off or so i thought. this proves you need to read the rule book fastidiously, as that rule was revoked in 2022 and the fuel class record was over 6mph slower than the gas.

Again as a repeat of 2018, i was the last vehicle onthe last day to run down the salt, and the bike was running like a 3 legged donkey, i fluffed the gear change and lost momentum, slight head wind and the bike just wouldnt rev despite slipping the clutch like an idiot.

It felt slow, desparately slow. we all thought id blown it, even the commentator.

Then they did the maths and by 0.2mph i had got the record!!

Delighted doesnt cover it, it fought me all the way but, record number 3 was in the book, yes its slow but its faster than the bloke before me and i paid my money, accepted the challenge and got there.

In the garage its been a bit slow BUT ive been addressing issues not right for some time, so canopy locking is sorted and im well on my way to making the skid operation less sensitive and much much more reliable which is what i need.

Im working from front to back and applying the bodywork as i go, its satisfying work and even the main electrical isolator has been replace with a better designagain more reliable.

I have agreed to dispaly the bike at the Straightliners festival of speed event at Elvington in february as incentive to get it both running and more sorted with the aim to ship in time for speedweek, which is a challenge but it needs to go.

So slow, but sansible work, even down to now using a proper motorcycle temperature guage instead of a £2 fish tank guage.

Back in the new year to update further - next big one heating the screen to mould to the canopy!!

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