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The Final miles

The weather has finally eased from being Baltic and the garage is a place that can be worked in again.

Had a couple of really good days and moved things forward including making the stabiliser activation way more reliable and sorting out quite a few issues.

Biggest success is i now have a fully functioning canopy and locking system that i am completely happy with, not the most aerodynamic but safe and solid. This has been a bugbear for years, so a weight of my mind.

Ive moved on to the bodywork and cutting holes for the exhaust to exit and installing the NACA duct, a streamlined device that draws air through it. Im using mine to draw air through the side of the bodywork and dump it at high velocity over the radiator to aid cooling. even finally binned the fish tank temperature gauge for a proper motorcycle one!

Ive got to install 2 fire fighting hatches, so marshals can insert extinguisher nozzles into the engine bay to put out any fires over and above the on board system. Fire is the biggest worry if the bike rolls.

Whilst readingthe rule book i also noticed a complete schoolboy error, i dont have a kill switch that can be operated whilst holding the bars, so will have to find space on the bars for one more switch.

Went to start the engine so i could wire in said kill switch and of course the winter cold has killed the battery, its now on charge, as i really wanted to hear the engine crackle into life, always motivating.

As per the title, i do feel that i am entering the final miles, and hopefully next week i can arrange t go and see my nominated shipping agent to refresh costs and go through logistics, target it to do the USFRA meet in September.

More good news, the tosser that took over running the local military site where i use their 1.7 mile runway has moved on, and i spoke to the new man who seems more pragmatic. Im not after high spped runs, but more about practising pulling away, getting to ay 40-50mph and lifting skids and locking in place, then slowing down and unlocking skids and lowering, all without falling on my side.

A day of just practising that will really boost confidence, speed can come later once i get through the 2 mile marker flag and come to a halt safely and upright.

So feeling bullish as i write this.

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