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Splashing the cash brings deep joy.

Having spent many many hours, soldering on nipples, routing cables, refining gear levers and foot controls, the gearchange was at best rubbish, and the gear lever chose when it wanted to self centre and when it didnt - all very frustrating.

Quick phone call to Paul Lumley, of sidecar chassis fame, and he tells me many racers are using a push button system designed for disabled riders but changes gear in 0.35 seconds and is dead easy to fit.

Fingers a blur on keyboard pulls up the Kliktronic website and yep, been in business 20 years, sold over 9,000 units and has the power to easily change gear on a Harley Davidson, whose boxes are solid shall we say.

The huge BUT was the price tag, at £720 plus postage or $1000, out of my budget, so in a moment of inspiration/desperation i searched on Ebay. Bugger me if there wasn't a used unit on a buy it know for £300. Couple of cheeky offers, all rejected, and finally it was mine for £250!

4 days later it arrives, and within an hour i have a fully installed and operational push button gearchange, took longer to cut and size the mounts than anything else, its bloody brilliant.

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