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Something to cheer about

On a very frosty morning yesterday with temperatures at minus 1, myself and 2 friends, Patrick Bramman and Richard Scott set out to achieve the 125cc British land speed records for both distance and duration.

I am proud to report the bike ran faultlessly for 12 hours and by 7pm we have bagged 18 British land speed records ranging from 10kms to 1000kms and 1 hour upto 12 hours, covering over 1160kms in this time. Due to the cold and the need for refueling we did one hour stints on the bike and after 8 hours needed to change the rear wheel due to a puncture, but still had less than 40 minutes total downtime in 12 hours of running, which includes all rider changes and the refueling. The bike is fully road legal and has an MOT!!

So whilst the UK has many restrictions in place and the world isnt normal we had a great reason for a few beers and to feel proud of ourselves.

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