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Shit happens

Updated: Sep 29, 2022

Ok, so it been a while. Bonneville was a shit shower! got through tech inspection and waiting for racing to start when the mother of all thunderstorms drove in and delivered 3" of water on the dried lake surface so all racing cancelled despite having gone through technical inspection. This is the second time it has happened to me , World of Speed 2019 was the same. Its such a bastard to get signed off to run and then not be able to run! Was right up for setting more "slow" records.

As of now with the pound/dollar exchange rate being atrocious, I doubt I can afford to send the Streamliner to the USA. Container prices were 100% up on 2021 before the currency drop of 15%.

The only solace is that Straightliners are hoping to hold an FIM event in 2023 at Elvington, Yorkshire , where I might be able to run , even though only 1.7 miles long, I can prove it/I can stay upright without the stabilizers.

Its still all to play for, but harder financially than ever!!

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