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Engine development work

I have a partial sponsor in the Italian firm TRTeam 2FAST, and Massimo who is the owner has been very supportive in supplying parts at cost to a man he has never met and who promises he will set records - Brave man!

So how was this gone.

In October 2017, i took the engine to a dyno tester at Mallory park with a 70cc big bore kit fitted, race exhaust and 28mm carb along with some crankcase modifications. In this configuration the bike made 14.6 BHP, which was disappointing as Massimo had promised 20-22 BHP from hit kit.

So more emails, and photos were exchanged and it was obvious i hadn't done enough porting of the crankcases or fitted the larger reed block out of a Honda CR85 motocross bike and invested in a Stage 6 race ignition at £350.

No in November i took it back to Mallory for another attempt, and this time the bike sounded much sharper and more angry and wow, what a result.

This time the dyno recorded 21.5 BHP at 13,500 RPM, and sounded glorious. As i want to run the bike flat out for 12 hours i have decided not the chase the last few fractions of horsepower in return for reliability.

However. to put this into perspective, this is 307 BHP per litre and the famous very fast Bugatti Veyron makes just 147 BHP per litre

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