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Self aligning canopy

Well its sad the admit but I failed to get enough work done to send the streamliner this year but with horror stories of fuel surcharges being implemented once goods were on the sea because of the impact of the Russia/Ukraine situation, maybe another year of testing is a good thing.

The canopy has always bugged me and whilst I have done 4 versions already, none of them seemed right, so got a mate involved who is into military stuff and is an Engineer, take a bow Richard Scott for some assistance.

So version 5 will use 3 self aligning bearing to accept pins in the canopy rear, the central top one will act as a hinge and the bottom 2 will lock it in place, then on the front there will be spring loaded slide bolt to hold it firmly in place.

The benefit of self aligning bearings is they take away the need for curved pins which I see used quite a lot and I worry about jamming and not being able to eject the canopy so I can get out.

An additional benefit is that an 8mm pin is a very snug fit into the bearing and minimises the risk of any rattles, ill have enough to worry about without a noise ill convince myself is the engine about to blow up or the wheel falling off!

Photo is only of a fabrication mock up - dont worry.

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