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Seaweed forecast has me worried

Flying off to Bonneville this Saturday to take the sidecar to World of speed, of of 3 events held by the SCTA (South California Timing Association) the organization that runs the big events at Bonneville, Speedweek being the most popular and famous. Problem with World of speed is that the weather in October can be iffy, and it has a 50% record of being rained off, and the weather forecast as of today isnt great!

I have to go back anyway to take my bike out of storage and put it back in its shipping crate to be brought back to the UK, but really wanted to have a go at the 100cc SC-BF class and add another record to the collection if possible.

Fingers crossed it improves, its due to be much colder than the UK at 11oC vs 17oC, and i'm sleeping in the hire car to save costs - glamorous this LSR game.

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