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Reasons to be cheerful

Well the final build is going well and just to cheer myself up i decided toget the engine to fire up after nearly 9 months of being dormant and to be fair it chimed in after just 3 presses of the button, my joy was unbounded. Unsilenced by the turbo she does make a delicious crackle, and rev like a banshee.

Its taken a while to adjust the skids but now it all activates and locks and unlocks as it should and once the bike is off the tressel stands i can make the skid the correct depth to allow the bike to cant over. Its a fine balance between being too upright and risking them constantly touching down until doing fast enough to have stability and too far over making it hard to flip vertical but having good ground clearance.

I may have a solution to insurance for the local MOD runway which will allow me to run all day testing which will be hugely valuable.

Getting quite excited to test run the bike as this chassis, professionally built has never been run, and surely it should be better than my own not jig welded affair!! I do hope so.

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