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Progressing well

The bodywork is taking longer than planned at the bodyshop but it will keep the price down and allows me time to sort out a space in the garage for when its finished. I am very happy with the bodyshop as they ask questions about how i want it as opposed to just assuming and ploughing on with something I might not like. We have agreed to add a tailfin thanks to advise from my good friend Anders Jonsson, that it helps move the centre of pressure back and behind the centre of gravity so the bike is much more stable, think an arrow or dart.

I know it will cost more than my horrid fibreglass effort but will be significantly more aerodynamic and will look the part which is important to convince the scrutineers that I am a serious contender.

Then over the winter it will be getting it ready for test runs at the local runway, it feels good to be getting this close at last.

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