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Parachute popper

One of the safety features required for a streamliner is that if the bike tilts too far from vertical, ie your about to fall over, the parachute must fire automatically. To generate the signal we use a tilt switch which is the easy bit, but pulling the pin automatically, using the same system as the manual pull cable required more thought. During a pub conversation about it, always the best way to solve a problem, may mate Carl Mills suggestd a Bonnet popper/Hood popper, as it has the cable attachment.

Now it required some interpretation as the popper only has 10mm of travel and the pin needs about 30mm, so levers were brought into play, which also gave enough length for the manual pull cable.

The video is a short clip of the bonnet popper doing its stuff, i will tidy it up but works well, the spring is to ensure the popper shaft is in the energizing part of the popper body.

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