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Only in lockdown

Some of you will remember that i took the quick route to constructing the bodywork, using a bamboo cane and chicken wire frame, covered in papier mache and then fibreglassed and gel-coated over the top.

Whilst quick, it did leave a very "Rippled" surface and far from even or flat. Now for months i have convinced myself that it doesn't matter and that compared with a standard bike or car it will be much better.

Well finally, i had to concede whilst in lockdown i have the time to fill all the ripples and do my best to make it flat. I will never be truly flat along the whole length of a panel but it can be smooth and flow air in a better laminar way, so out came the filler, sandpaper, emery cloth etc and sanding back and smoothing is under way, but boy is it slow and tedious.

i reckon 3 applications of filler and smoothing back will get me to a finish i wont be too embarrased of on the salt!

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