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Not been totally idle

Trying to find somewhere that will accept an 18 foot long 2 stroke motorcycle to put on their dyno is a bit of an issue, car dynos could cope with the length but nobody want to put a nasty 2 stroke on there and contaminate their lambda sensors.

Now at some point i will have the streamliner in the USA and will need to continue engine development, as sadly i doubt i will break the record at the first time of asking, so i have come up with a novel solution. I bought a really cheap (£20) Kawasaki GPZ500 rolling chassis and have grafted in the 100cc engine, the beauty of a large steel bike frame is that i can weld stuff to it and there should be enough room for m to replicate completely the streamliner engine layout, eg, airbox, turbo and all the plumbing.

So stage one is done. Had to completely strip the rear suspension to get any sign of movement, luckily it stripped apart easily. Fortunately, a quick bearing swap saw the aprilia wheel fit straight in with some homemade spacers.

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