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New rear

In readiness for the bodywork had to put in the hours to get the back end finished which meant finalising the chute tether attachment point and chute storage tube support framework. So 3 hours later we have a complete back end that is strong, hopefully with the tether point at the vertical centre of gravity of the bike. We determined this by weighing the bike on bathroom scales with me in it flat and then jacking the back end up to a known height and using formula on the net it calculated the height of the vertical centre of gravity.

This is key, too low and the chute lifts the back end, too high and the front goes light, neither situation being ideal, although all the maths in the work doesn't alter the need to actually pull the chute and see what happens!!

I can see why there are so few streamliners, it's a struggle to keep the motivation high and plough onto the next issue to be solved. The end is nearly in sight but boy there are days...

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