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Making ends meet

I finally collected the modified exhaust pipe from favourite tuner Mick Abbey, i gave him the old pipe and a bent piece of plumbers copper pipe that i said was the profile of the curve i needed, all very scientific, but i like practical solutions. So i was quite nervous when offering it up to see if it would fit. Thankfully it was about 90% spot on, the header curve is just great, but the final section was a bit off when i mounted the turbo in the only really suitable place. Who would have thought an 18 foot long motorcycle would be so damn tight on space.

However, i have now got both ends to meet and not be under strain, otherwise the pipe will at the most inappropriate time fracture - been there, made that mistake.

Spent today plumbing in the oil supply system to the turbo, as it needs at least 1.5 bar of oil pressure to make sure it keeps spinning at whatever ridiculous speed it does. All gone well, and happy with the


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