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Life savers

Sometimes you wonder what the technical committee was thinking when they wrote certain rules, however on the subject of this post it was all too obvious.

The photo shows 2 safety devices, the "Red button" is actually a resettable inertia or impact switch that will cut off the fuel pump if i fall over, hit something or generally get it out of shape.

The grey box, is a 3 way tilt switch that will automatically trigger the parachute to go off if the bike exceeds a certain angle of tilt. Now the rules say 40 odd degrees but by then you definitely going to hit the salt, this device can be set up between 20 degrees and 50 degrees. I will go for 20 as i want all the protection i can get.

Why is this important?

The fastest way to die on the bonneville salt is to crash and go end over end, the impact is usually fairly terminal, rolling is generally painful but not fatal, and the best way to stop going end over end is to deploy the parachute and get pulled straight.

So the tilt switch may prove to be the best £105 i've spent, as anecdotally, only the Buddfab streamliner has never fallen over on a run!

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