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Just cut it off and be damned!

One of the aspects of the engine development that i have never been happy about is that the engine has a redundant kickstart housing,being electric start, and this bulge makes the optimum fitting of large carburettors difficult as they have to be offset.

To get round this when the engine was sent to Sweden to Boostbusters, i made a manifold with an angles hole so the carb could be offset far enough not to hit the kickstart housing.

this never sat right as the gas flow was far from ideal, and i decided i needed to resolve this and not be lazy, also need to seek every last half bhp.

So out came the hacksaw and very carefully for me, i cut off the housing and made blanking plates, then got a very good welder i know, i cant/havent learnt yet, to weld aluminium, to put it all together.

And it was definitely the right thing to do , it looks right , allows a nice clean direct flow from carb to crankcases,

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