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Its the real deal

I've just spent the last 11 days working alongside Lumley Engineering, who specialise in building racing sidecars and leading link front suspension. This brilliant company agreed to translate my crudely but strongly Mig welded chassis into a work of pure Tig welded art and "Finesse" some of the poorly engineered areas.

Each stage of this process was photographed and emailed to the Chief SCTA Streamliner Technical Inspector, Jim Hoogerhyde for approval, as best he could from 3000 miles away, and receive very valuable tips on improvements and design. I am very grateful to him for his input.

So, now quite a bit poorer i have a brilliant, solid and safe chassis, that means i can just focus on driving it and not worry if it will fall apart.

I am going to buy a Tig welder as there are many brackets that need to be fitted and i cant pollute the beauty of the work done by Paul Lumley, by Mig welding them on.

It also raises the elephant in the room, that the original bodywork doesn't now fit the straight and true chassis, and do i remake it!! Tough pill to swallow but its firmly on the agenda.

I'm sure you'll agree its a thing of beauty.

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