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i can see clearly now

moment of truth, having profile the bent acrylic to the desired shape it was time to see if the angle was too shallow, if i had built in optical distortion and all those other show stoppers that mean you cant see where you are going.

Happy to say when i was closed into the streamliner, the vision was damn brilliant and virtually no distortion, despite the curvature - Happy days.

Less so the parachute pll systems, the bonnet popper didnt have enough guts to pull the cable under drogue chute spring tension, and the lever pull struggled. This was due to trying to pull in 2 directions at once, up and back, so i have made a new bracket, added a nice nylon pulley wheel and changed the bonnet popper for a pneumatic cylinder i will power with sodastream co2 bulbs, now they are fire straight away.

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