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Grrrrr, cant be that hard

The fixing and locating of the canopy is just doing my head in. Now have a double hinge at the front so the canopy can fold back onto the front bodywork and 2 pins at the back but still need to solve the issue of a lock that is workable from both the inside and outside.

Adding a reinforcing rib at the back to hold the shape and width has helped a lot, but after 2 years of faffing about the screen is scratched to oblivion and even has some weld spatter in it. I must work more tidily. So another trip to the pie shop to warm up acrylic sheet and mould 3 new screen is on the horizon.

Friday i go to the chassis builder to sort out building the real thing in January. need this motivational visit, still looking at 2022, but who knows, might make 2021.

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