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Good progress

Updated: Aug 25, 2021

I finally found some additionally support in the workshop and this has moved the project on well.

Engine testing with a new exhaust set up has proved successful and now we have boost back and with room to spare, a major step forward although it did prove that cooling may yet be an issue as we boiled over but with virtually no airflow. have now fitted a fan to the radiator and approach a bespoke radiator maker to make me a one-off to fit the available space but with loads of spec to keep her cool around 70oC.

Also now fully fitted and tested the stabiliser system, and after much time ensuring the alignment of the air cylinders they work just wonderfully, especially at full working pressure of 100psi, its like a rifle shot as the locking pin goes in.

Whilst the bike is approximately 16 foot long, it is surprising how quickly you run out of space to put things and it is all now looking very congested, and even though i have tried to be tidy and align stuff its still busy.

The electronic gearchange is giving me grief, changes up no issue, but can jam on down shifts, awaiting new swinging arm bushes so i can refit swingarm, and go through gears on the stands and see if using clutch and engine running just eases it a tad. Thing pulls 35Amps at each change and i'm using left over batteries so may have to invest in a brand new one to eliminate this variable. It may also be that the base moped engine i'm using has had a hard life and internal springs and dog gears are less than fresh, but want to avoid a rebuild at this stage, and system is meant for road bikes anyway, so shouldn't be too fussy.

Just need to "Finesse" the location and angle of mount of the seat belt points but now have fire extinguishers mounted and happy.

Reckon by August we will be fully runway ready for last testing before proper chassis build, and hopefully shipping to USA before Christmas.

Cant see me getting to Bonneville this year either due to Delta variant of Covid, damn!!

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