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Crude but effective/Making use of lockdown.

Well covid in the Uk is just dreadful, as of january 2020 we are in our 3rd national lockdown, so my chassis builder has cancelled even if i dared risk travelling with an 18 foot motorcycle on a trailer and everybody is so scared no contractors want to do work for you. so the project is running in treacle.

Lifes not all shit though. I have finally stolen with pride a locking device for the canopy that can be opened from outside and inside, thanks to Jim Hoogerhyde for that one.

I am ordering a car body roller/rotisserie, so i can get the whole bike and bodywork at a sensible working height and then spend an hour a day smoothing out the bodywork, yes, again, it still needs lots of work, especially where the body meets the undertray.

Drag is my main enemy.

Also as the second hand disabled rider electronic gear change was a bit hit and miss, i contacted the manufacturer and they have offered to inspect and service it and if necessary supply new components. Worrying they are talking about bearings in the mounting but mine doesnt have any, and i wonder if the previous owner has used a steering damper bracket instead of the right part. Anyway, when it comes back it will be working as good as it can.

Lockdown is also effecting me being able to run at the local army runway, and this is a bigger issue, as the camp commander who i am great pals with retires at the end of April and he thinks his successor will not be as generous as he was on giving me access, so i might not be able to test the streamliner after April.

I still haven't fired the parachute at speed and this needs to be done with the static stabilizers.

Cant be helped, just got to get on with it.

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