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Collapsing legs

If you've been following the build you will know i have been trying to use electric linear actuators to operate the stabiliser wheels as its nice and clean, compact and easy to get to wire up. However, and it is a big however when i tried putting the streamliner on its own legs with a bit of a tilt on it, the weight of the bike just forced the motor round so the leg collapsed and the bike fell on its side.

Not only is this inconvenient and renders them useless but also doesn't comply with the rules for "Locking" in both the up and down position. You can buy linear actuators with built in brakes or that use stepper motors but alas these are £500/$600 each and beyond the budget of a garage build bike.

My other concern is that the "Ram" is only aluminium and when deployed on the deceleration run i am concerned that may just buckle with the drag induced by the skids on the salt.

So a few phone calls to mates who are engineers and were on with the hunt for another solution, i like the sound of a pair of hydraulic rams, as the rams are solid steel so wont buckle, you can use a spool valve so they positively lock out, and i understand hydraulics, and parts are off the shelf and not stupid money, but it is more complex.

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