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Chicken tonight!!

Well its minus 5 outside, 4 inches of snow and Covid is ripping the country apart with 1000 deaths a day BUT i have had a stern talk to myself and got the project moving, if a little slowly. Never felt the bodywork went as well as planned and the lower 50% due to gravity is a bit shitty.

So i have bought a car body roller/ Rotisserie (hence the chicken joke!) so i can mount the streamliner at a comfy working height and have the ability to roll it over at 15 degree intervals and get a nice transition from fibreglass to alloy undertray, or at least as good as my limited skill allows.

Best thing to do in a National lockdown.

Next project step is to finally get the engine and turbo etc set up in the Kawasaki Gpz500 frame so i can take the set up to a dyno room and play with engine development including a race ignition, but need to solve keeping the original generator rotor but trigger the new ignition, as i want to retain the electric start.

Final challenge is that my mate at the 1.7 mile runway i use retires at the end of April and i cant use it anymore, so a new testing venue is needed as i still haven't fired the parachute in anger to see if the mounting point allows the bike to stay level and straight.

Plenty to do then. Got a price to ship one way to USa to my mate in New Mexico where i will have preliminary technical inspection done, after installing fire system and seat belts. These items are time limited and i want as much working life as i can.

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