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Can only be one colour

As you know been locked away in the garage improving the bodywork and still a little way to go, but not going to get obsessive as its likely to kiss the salt on its first competitive run and end up with salt rash.

However, i have long held the view that its final colour scheme could only be one thing, Donald Campbell Bluebird blue. It's just synonymous with land speed racing and British teams, bit like British racing green and motorsport.

So the weather was kind and warm and i blew over an extra couple of coats of primer, and then applied a generous coating of the appropriate coach enamel, damn flies have landed on it but ill 1200 grit it back and apply a second coat before shipping but it looks just perfect.

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Now it is starting to look the part. Niece choice of colour. No runs, looks good Ian. I have started and will place some tube during the next two weeks . Will send the start of my log when I have the main tubing placed and tacked.

Talk soon - Phil 👻

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