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A day at the beach

Well Speed week has come and gone and i could only listen to the live radio broadcast of the event, and it was quite nerve-racking, as on the pre-entry list was the man whose record I beat in 2018 and I was worried all week he would win it back. This actually was a good thing and through various web forums I discovered typically British wise that I

was playing by the Marquis of Queensbury rules for the Vintage class and in fact its bare knuckle fighting. So instead of having to stick to the 1950's porting, you can grind fins off create new ports, weld on extra metal and all sorts, so my best mate and tuner Mick Abbey will be busy creating 2021 porting in an old cast iron barrel, but that enough secrets out the back.

Back to the beach.

I really missed the buzz of competition, and we are planning more British records next year on an old basket case East German MZ for giggles, and the idea came to me to enter the Pendine sands races in late September. This beach has been used for British records for decades and Donald Campbell, John Cobb and many others have raced there. Once the tide goes out it leaves approximately 3.5 miles of flatish, firmish sand. The car and bike records are both over 200mph. I just want to get to the end of the course, as i here its really scary as the bike fishtails around, so dont expect mega speeds but it will be fun. Its hand painted household gloss, its very much low cost/no cost rebuild where possible and no tuning at this stage, so production class.

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