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On Wednesday last week i went to the runway to test the Monet sidecar to see if it ran straight and true, should have been running the streamliner but alas support crew couldnt make it in the end.

Now i should have known better but i held the tow rope in one hand on one handlebar, and at about 35mph, the tow car jerked the rope a bit more than i expected and the bars jack-knifed, the steering jammed and i was high-sided off the bike onto the runway.

The damn bike ran for another 50 yards as straight as an arrow, so no issue there! and good stability, although i will add more weight to the chair. Obviously a steering damper or lock restrictor would probably have avoided both - tough love sometimes.

after dusting myself down, with several good bruises and scuff, we ran it up to 40+ mph with the rope going through the ignition lock hole in the middle of the top yoke, so the tug was in a straight line.

The current records are only 29 mph and 31 mph, it's just a bit of cheap fun!!

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