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Bears claw

The canopy latching system is another part of the build that has caused me hair

loss, but i think the end is in sight. Again, it is the technical requirement to be able to unlatch from inside and outside that was causing the issue, but i think i have it cracked.

The bears claw latches, or mini door catches, require everything to be straight and true, and side thrust just jams them and it wont release.

Forgive the string inthe photo, it was quick and easy but proved a point. There will be 2 finger triggers to release the catches from the inside and 2 cable that run over a roller to a pull lever in the bodywork that the marshalls would pull to release the canopy. When all set up correct the spring loading in the catch effectively ejects the canopy. I need to solve a few minor issues as the canopy rocks forward on latching leaving a small gap, 8mm at the rear of the bodywork, no worse than a bonnet shut line but nice if i can eliminate. Hopefully Paul Lumley can finesse my design and reduce this gap further.

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