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At last, it locks

You will know by now that the ability to lock the stabilisers in the fully up and fully down position has not been the quickest solution and many false dawns and not a little cash has been in invested in failed solutions.

But now i have one that works!

It is back the the original idea that i really didnt want to use due to potential complication, but in the end , the first idea was the best idea.

So it uses a second air cylinder to fire a locking pin into one of the 2 guide rods and physically lock it in place. The technical bit is that we will need to programme a Raspberry Pi or Arduino logic board to let the locking pin retract first, then fire the main ram cylinder to lift or lower the skid, and then the locking pin to refire into the guide rod. Might yet go for a spring loaded cylinder so that it is permanently engaged in the guide rod until the air pulls it out. But that is refinement, had the streamliner resting on the locked guide rod and all good.

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